Welcome to my blog. My name is Raymond Church; I’m a runner. Also, my wife and I live in our RV (Recreational Vehicle) traveling about North America. Visit our travel blogs: Gator Ray Forks in the RV Road I began running on 23 October 2010, when I ran in a 5k race (total time: 27:20) at the young age of 65–actually, only two months, one week, and a few days before my 66th birthday anniversary. I’ve been running ever since. On 30 October 2011, I ran (and finished) the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) in Washington, D.C. (total time: 4:34:51). And, on Thanksgiving Day (24 November 2011, about a month after the 2011 MCM), I ran the Distance Classic Half Marathon in Jacksonville, FL (total time: 2:01:38). Over time, I’ll keep you up to date with an old guy’s running journey. Begin here, My Running Journal.

An Old Runner's Journal